Gebräuchliche Abkürzungen von Produkten

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Gebräuchliche Abkürzungen von Produkten

Beitragvon trulla » Mi, 9. Jul 2008, 10:16

AB -> Arabian Bright
AC -> American Cream
AK -> Almond Kisses
AL -> After Life
AM -> Aqua Mirabilis
AOBS -> Angels on Bare Skin
AQM -> Aqua Marina
AW -> Avowash Soap
B Never -> B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful
BBBB -> Bada Bing Bada Boom
BBS -> Bubble Bar slice (festes Schaumbad)
BC -> Big Calm Jelly
BE -> B Electro Soap
BF -> Babyface
BH -> Brazened Honey
BNL -> Bare Naked Lady
BOFA -> Breath of Fresh Air
BT -> Boob Tube
BTH -> Big Tease Hairgel
C&A -> Coconut And Almond Smoothie
CC -> Ceridwen's Cauldron
CDC -> Cosmic Dreamcatcher
CDP -> Coconut Deo Powder
CF -> Coal Face
CMB -> Christmas Massage Bar
CP -> Charity Pot
CSJ -> Champagne Snow Shower Jelly
CSN -> Champagner Supernova
CSS -> Cynthia Sylvia Stout
CTL -> 17 Cherry Tree Lane
CW -> Cosmetic Warrior
CWS -> Curly Wurly Shampoo
DC -> Dream Cream
Demon -> Demon in the dark
DO -> Dream On Ballistic
DOS -> Dreaming of Summer
DS -> Deep Sleep Jelly
ECS -> English Country Side Ballistic
EEC -> Enchanted Eye Cream
ERW -> Eau Roma Water
EVO -> Extra Virgin Olive
FF -> Fresh Farmacy
FFX -> Flying Fox
FG -> Flosty Gritter
FI -> Floating Island
FITF -> Fox in the Flowers
FS -> Flying Saucers
FTFL -> Fair Trade Foot Lotion
GD -> Green Day
GG -> Gorgeous
GJ -> Goth Juice
GM -> The Godmother Soap
GR -> Glam Rock
GS -> Ginger Soap
GSB -> Golden Slumber Ballistic
GV -> Gratitious Violets
HAHI -> Happy Hippy
HD -> Hair Doctor
HF -> Helping Feet
HH -> Helping Hands
HIWTK -> Honey i washed the kids
HP -> Happy Pill
HS -> Happy Soap
IB -> Ice Blue Soap
IBA -> Ickle Baby Angel
IBD -> Ickle Baby Devil
ILJ -> I Love Juicy
ISC -> I Should Coco
JHFE -> Jasmin & Henna Fluff-Eaze
JOJ -> The Joy of Jelly
KOS -> King of Skin
KOTM -> King Of The Mods
LF -> Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
LP -> Lush Pud
LTS -> Letters to Santa
METIR -> Middle Earth turns (in)to rock
METTR -> Middle Earth turns (in)to rock
MF -> Mud Flats
MMM -> Melting Marshmallow Moment
MOM -> Mask of Magnamity
MT -> Mange Too
OBSB -> Old Blue Skies is Back
OS -> Ocean Salt
PD -> Powdry Deo Powder
POP -> Pop In A Bath
PoS -> Porridge Soap
PPD -> Powder Puff Deo Powder
PR -> Paradise Regained
PS -> Pumpkin Soap
RB -> Randy Butter
RIAS -> Romance in a Stone
RR -> Red Rooster
RRS -> Ruby Red Slippers
RTTE -> Running to the Embassy
SC -> Soft Coeur
SCS -> Spice Curls Soap
SD -> Skinny Dip
SDB -> Stardust Ballistic
SDM -> Sonic Death Monkey
SF -> Snow Fairy
SFS -> Shark Fin Soap
SFTS -> Sympathy for the Skin
SITS -> Sex in the shower
SJG -> Sweet Japanese Girl
SL -> Still Life
SM -> Santa Monica
SMWS -> Spank Me With Saplings
SN -> Skin Nanny
SOS -> Sultana of Soap
SP -> Sweetie Pie
Spank Me -> Spank Me With Saplings
SPS -> Sexy Peel Soap
SR -> Sugar Rush
SSL -> Skins Shangri La
ST -> The Soft Touch
SU -> Silky Underwear
SWTWC -> Something Wicked This Way Comes
TBT -> The Big Tease
TC -> The Comforter
TDTF -> Too drunk to...
TOB -> The Olive Branch
TOT -> Temple of Truth
TTT -> Two Timing Tart
TTTT -> Tea Tree Toner Tab
TTW -> Tea Tree Water
UB -> Ultra Bland
US -> Ultimate Shine
UTWH -> Up the wooden hill
UYG -> Up you get
VC -> Vanishing Cream
VF -> Vanilla Fountain
VitC -> Vit C Toner Tab
VitE -> Vit E Toner Tab
WR -> Waylander Rhassoul
WUAS -> Wish Upon a Star
WW -> White Wedding Ballistic
YSTW -> You Snap The Whip
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