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Rose Jam Bubbleroon - New Formula

Verfasst: Mo, 24. Aug 2015, 11:19
von Louis1988
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Pep up your spirits in a bath filled with Rose Jam: lemon, rose and geranium oil will help perk you up, while coconut oil and shea butter leave you feeling gorgeous. You’ll end up feeling as cheered as though you'd been been given a bunch of flowers. Rose oil and rose absolute give a double dose of rosiness, helping to clear the mind and boost your mood.

List of ingredients
Sodium Bicarbonate,
Cream of Tartar,
Sodium Laureth Sulfate,
Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter,
Lauryl Betaine,
Laureth 4,
Fair Trade Shea Butter,
Rose Absolute,
Geranium Oil,
Rose Oil,
Lemon Oil,
Dazzling Red Lustre,
Colour 45410,
Colour 14700,
Colour 17200