Monsters And Aliens Fun - Oxford Special 2015

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Monsters And Aliens Fun - Oxford Special 2015

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For bath-stronauts, a galaxy awaits you. Make yourself an intergalactic climbing kit - scented with spicy black pepper oil and comforting Fair Trade vanilla absolute - to scale the height of the largest cliff, then make yourself a spaceship to get back down again safely (we don't recommend you do any actual climbing without proper safety gear and supervision). Why not create the perfect alien dinner, ideal for serving at dinner parties as you socialise around the solar system, or the alien that will eat it? Soap it, shape it, shampoo it; really, just have fun!

List of ingredients
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,
Black Pepper Oil,
Patchouli Oil,
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute,
Gardenia Extract,
Colour 17200,
Colour 42090
"Nichts auf der Welt ist weicher als ein Mopsohr."

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