Orange Flower Lip Tint - Oxford Special 2015

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Orange Flower Lip Tint - Oxford Special 2015

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We could wax poetic about this vibrant tangerine colour. Apply a snappy shade with your hydration, and treat your lips to a hydrating blend of Fair Trade shea butter, peach kernel oil and orange peel wax. A touch of zingy tamarind and sweet wild orange keeps this tint from feeling too heavy on your lips. Use it softly for a gentle pop of colour, or layer up for a bolder look and extra moisture.

List of ingredients
Fair Trade Shea Butter,
Peach Kernel Oil,
Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter,
Synthetic Fluorphlogopite,
Organic Castor Oil,
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,
Titanium Dioxide,
Tin Oxide,
Cupuacu Butter,
Orange Peel Wax,
Sweet Wild Orange Oil,
Rose Oil,
Orange Flower Absolute,
Tamarind Paste,
Cetearyl Alcohol,
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP),
Colour 15985,
Colour 19140,
Colour 45380
"Nichts auf der Welt ist weicher als ein Mopsohr."

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