Atomic Tooth Powder - Oxford Special 2015

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Atomic Tooth Powder - Oxford Special 2015

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Switch up your morning coffee and brush with this spicy coffee and cardamom blend instead. Gentle but powerful, the freshly ground cinnamon and clove powders inside will refresh your mouth and gums whilst gently cleansing and soothing.

Simply dab your toothbrush into this potent powder and get brushing. By using toothpaste in powder form you put the ingredients in direct contact with the teeth and gums, resulting in a thoroughly good clean.

List of ingredients
Calcium Carbonate,
Sodium Bicarbonate,
Cream of Tartar,
Lauroyl Sarcosine,
Fair Trade Organic Coffee,
Clove Bud Oil,
Cardamom Oil,
Fair Trade Whole Organic Clove,
Fair Trade Organic Cardamom Powder,
Fair Trade Organic Cinnamon Powder,
Fine Sea Salt,
Fair Trade Organic Ginger Powder,
Fair Trade Organic White Pepper Powder,
Sodium Saccharin,
"Nichts auf der Welt ist weicher als ein Mopsohr."

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